Some of the Best Off-season Adventures


1.Trekking during monsoon in India

You may think that it is crazy to visit Mumbai from June to September, for during these months, you have to experience heavy rains, flood roads or even breed disease. While, if you choose to venture 100km inland to the Sahyadri Mountains, you may certainly find a ideal playground of wet-weather. These hills are parts of the larger Western Ghats. As the Rivers and seasonal waterfalls are in full flow, it is quite perfect for rafting and rappelling. You can also have the chance to enjoy the landscape of the vibrant villages with green. Also, the rains always keep temperatures cool for hikes that take in ruined forts ,ancient paths and secluded home stays.

2.Enjoy the beauty of Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal is in Siberia which a place that can make everyone shiver for its bitter cold. No wonder that most visitors to this fathomless expanse of blue come in summer. While, Baikal in winter, when the mercury plummets to -20°C, is far more fun. Since the mighty puddle freezes over, it makes it possible for you to walk out onto its translucent, creaking surface, the ice with two meters’ thickness will make you see kelp forests swaying beneath clearly.  You can negotiate this crystal-like world by skis, husky-sled or snowmobile.


3.Winter bird watching in England

Brighton is a British seaside town which is famous as an

ideal boutique, boho-chic summer city. While, how about visit this town in December to February? As tourists desert Brighton’s famous pier in winter, starlings from across the South Downs move in. At dusk they amass in their hundreds of thousands, performing balletic murmurations, rippling like water in the sky, then, as if on unseen cue from Mother Nature, they pour beneath the pier to roost in one great swooshing torrent.

Since we all know that when we travel to some place during busy season, we must have to tolerate the crowded crowds, more expensive expense, travel to some places during off-season will be another pretty good choice. It can not only bring us some convenience, but also make it possible for us to experience the different charm of the attractions.