Self-service Tour or Package Tour?


When it comes to choose the way of travel, some people consider that self-service is the best, while others hold that joining package tour is better than elf-service tour. For those people who choose the former way, they think that travel is a cure of dragging them away from the boring, tiring life, and self- service tour can bring them some opportunities to enjoy their life freely and leisurely. A self-service tour will offer tourists a more silent environment to think about themselves and they don’t have to think about all the strict schedule made by the tours group. They can stop in their  loving site whenever they want and have more time to take photos if they want. They will enjoy more in this more convenient self-service travel. Another reason is that they can choose a route that matches their own favor. I don’t have to obey the exact route that has been made by the tours group.


For other people who prefer package tour, they think that travel by this means can make their trip more efficient. Since the route and the schedule are all arranged by the travel agency or the guides, they don’t need to worry about the tickets, accommodation and so on, as long as their pay for the charges to the agency. What’s more, the agency and guides are usually familiar with the spots and they cannot miss some famous ones and this organized kind of trip will be more safe. In addition, people can share their experience and feelings with more people and experiencing team spirit.


Maybe the combine of these two types of travel will be a perfect idea. To achieve this, you need planning in advance and surf the internet to find some information of your destination. You can communicate with the local travel company, involved in their journey, but just take their vehicles and make their hotel accommodation, and the other time to make their own arrangements. In this way, you can make your trip more simple, convenient and unforgettable. At the same time, you can save some money and share your happiness with more people.