All for the love of food: Decipher the Asian flavours. Part 2


This helps in making the Asian food absolutely delightful.

Healthy: Who would mind enjoying great food and get health benefits too! Asian food is an eclectic mix of great flavors, and different nutrients to leave you well-fed and healthy too.

Aromatic: You can have your mouth water as you breathe in the heavenly smell of most Asian delicacies. The aroma of Asian spices along with the sauces combines to give off an attractive aroma. Great smelling food always appears more delicious too!

Economical: Asian food is quite economical and gives you value for money. It is definitely worth the price and amazingly delicious. Getting such great food for unbelievably low prices is totally worth it!

Variety: Asian cuisine indicates its multicultural influences, and is always a treat! You can look out for an eclectic variety of good food and get some of the most exotic flavors all around to give you a completely different type of delicacy. It is a treat to look out for such sumptuous delights that leave you craving for more and more! Asia is one of those very few places in the world where you can find excellent choices of vegetarian delicacies that are more savory than their non vegetarian counterparts.

The preparation styles in Asia differ from country to country. You can easily find some interesting foods to appease your desires. There is no harm in being adventurous while looking for something to eat in Asian countries. If however, you intend to cherry-pick some of the best dishes in Asian cuisine, read along to know more:

All for the love of food: Decipher the Asian flavours

Pad Thai: The best of Thailand unfolds itself in this delicious preparation, which includes peanuts, sprouts and peanuts tastefully conditioned to compliment fried rice noodles along with different types of meat. The originally prepared Pad Thai is healthier and more delicious than its misconstrued versions that are now available almost everywhere.

Dim-sums: These are the most popular Chinese delicacies have gained popularity all around the world, but are definitely worth trying when you’re in China. You can bet you won’t get a better tasting original version of dim-sums anywhere else in the world. It is served in small plates or steamer baskets and every bit of it is nutritious and deliciously appetizing.

Sushi: You have seriously missed out on something exotic and supremely delicious, if you haven’t yet tried the sushi. This Japanese dish is crafty to prepare, but extremely delicious to taste. It is perfectly served with soy sauce and wasabi. It can be prepared in many different ways, but is always high on quality and taste.

Satay: Meat kebabs are a delicious pick from the Indonesian cuisine. These kebabs are cooked meat served with seasoning on skewers. Munching on these crunchy delights is an amazing experience you can simply never forget